Liangchen Song

Hi there! I am a third-year Ph.D. student from University at Buffalo, advised by Prof. Junsong Yuan.
Email:   lsong8 at
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I'm imitating Prof. Matthias Nie├čner.
Photo taken by Dr. Zhong Li.
Background created by Yuqi Ding.

Current Research

Photometric stereo for dynamic scenes
  • Assuming there is only one light for each frame.
  • Aiming to recover the normal map for all frames.

Selected Publications
(* indicates equal contribution)

Before 2019

Liangchen Song*, Yonghao Xu*, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du, Qian Zhang, and Xinggang Wang.
"Learning from Synthetic Images via Active Pseudo-Labeling."
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing [code]
Liangchen Song*, Cheng Wang*, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du, Qian Zhang, Chang Huang, and Xinggang Wang.
"Unsupervised domain adaptive re-identification: Theory and practice."
Pattern Recognition [code]
Liangchen Song, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, Liangpei Zhang, Jia Wu, and Xuelong Li.
"Nonlocal patch based t-SVD for image inpainting: algorithm and error analysis."
AAAI 2018 (oral) [code]